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Paris, color accordion

Dreams. Paris, France. 2017.

'Behind the city that you can see there is another that you cannot see and that is the one that counts'. Italo Calvino

Paris, with its vastness and diversity, goes beyond being simply a metropolis; it is a world of worlds, a labyrinth of possibilities in which one can get lost and find oneself.

This series presents a vibrant visual narrative, diverging from the stereotypical images often associated with Paris. This photographic series immerses viewers in a kaleidoscope of colors, offering a refreshing portrayal of the city. Departing from the usual clichés, these street photographs capture the essence of everyday life in Paris through a spectrum of hues. From children engrossed in playful activities to individuals interacting with urban environments rarely depicted in the typical Parisian imagery, each frame encapsulates the city's vivacity and diversity.

These photographs invite audiences to explore Paris beyond its iconic landmarks, revealing the dynamic complexity of its streets and the spirited energy that defines this enchanting metropolis.

Frame within frame.⁠ Paris, France. 2022.
The pharmacy. Paris, France. 2019.
Bricks. Paris, France. 2022.
The girl with the beak. Paris, France. 2018.
Masks. Paris, France. 2022.
Crossings. Paris, France. 2018.
Headaches. Paris, France. 2018.
Red, blue and red again. Paris, France. 2023.
A Western man. Paris, France. 2023.