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Sentimental Atlas of Morocco

Dazzled by light, subjugated by the intensity of colors, many artists, painters and writers have seen their vocation born, or reborn, in Morocco. In the heart of this prodigious color laboratory, Delacroix, Matisse, Constant and so many others admired the blue of the sky, the streams of light colliding with the white of the walls, the wild beauty of the landscapes and their sparkling colors. White turning to blue or pink, ochre turning to red, brown, gray, green misting or glowing, exploding into a thousand bright tones.

My unexpected encounter with Morocco began in 2010, when I chose it as a destination to learn to photograph in color, having started doing so a few months earlier. I immediately realized that the keys I had there couldn't open any doors. It took me almost ten years of travel before I returned there in 2019.

This ongoing photo series is a sentimental atlas. A systematic collection of everything I love in the streets of Moroccan cities or villages. A tribute to its strong harmonies, its bold combinations, the fervor of its creativity. At every street corner, one comes across scenes that seem drawn or painted, but are actually spontaneous compositions of everyday life.

"Here you eat with your eyes," says a Moroccan proverb. From the bustling Medina of Casablanca to the blue streets of Chefchaouen, this project is a love letter to Morocco's kaleidoscope of colors.

Walkscape. Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco. 2022.
Window. Tétouan, Morocco. 2023.
Connected. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
Cats on gray. Tétouan, Morocco. 2023.
White on dark red and black. Agadir, Morocco. 2023.
The Philosopher. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
Escape. Chefchaouen, Morocco. 2019.
Path. Tangier, Morocco. 2023.
Camouflage girl. Chefchaouen, Morocco. 2019.
Rhombus. Fes, Morocco. 2022.
Reverse. Rabat, Morocco. 2022.
Child and ball. Tétouan, Morocco. 2023.
Joy. Rabat, Morocco. 2019.
Waiting. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
⁠Departures. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
Death and the Maiden. Chefchaouen, Morocco. 2019.
Enigma. Chefchaouen, Morocco. 2019.
A short story. Ouarzazate, Morocco. 2022.
Nocturne. Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco. 2022.