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Yellow Light, Blue Shadow

Child and ball. Tétouan, Morocco. 2023.

"I was brought up when the sunlight was yellow, and the shadow was blue. But I see it clearly as being white light, and black shadow. Yet this is nothing alarming, because I believe there will come a fresh yellow, and a beautiful blue, and that the revolution will bring forth a new sense of wonder." Louis Kahn

The city is composed and recomposed at every moment by the steps of its inhabitants. All the rhythms of walking are represented: the slow and inscrutable pace of the elderly, the rapid march of men rushing to work, the unpredictable and capricious movements of children. Men take to the streets according to their age, their social situation and the pace these involve.

The streets become rooms of the community in which everyone acts out their daily comedy and tragedy. The long streets are nothing but a succession of rooms that derive their own characteristics, room after room, from the intersection with other streets. From afar, each street carries with it its essence, which spreads into every opening it encounters.

Light generates meaning: it reveals the essential while its shadow hides the unnecessary. Light translates space into image. Within these images, the subject embodies both the essence of a dream and the dreamer, enveloped by a yellow light and a blue shadow.

Johnny. Paris, France. 2018.
Connected. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
The Philosopher. Casablanca, Morocco. 2019.
The dream and the unusual. Paris, France. 2020.
Yellow Moon. Paris, France. 2018.
Three. Cagliari, Italy. 2012.
Game of shadows. Cagliari, Italy. 2012.
The other. Paris, France. 2017.
Spots.⁠ Paris, France. 2022.
Frame within frame.⁠ Paris, France. 2022.
Enigma. Chefchaouen, Morocco. 2019.
Window. Tétouan, Morocco. 2023.
The pharmacy. Paris, France. 2019.
Textures. Rabat, Morocco. 2022.
The green painting. Paris, France. 2022.
The apple leaf. Padua, Italy. 2018.
Solitude. Paris, France. 2023.
A short story. Ouarzazate, Morocco. 2022.
Nocturne. Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco. 2022.