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Femmes à vélo

Ymane and her Cinelli bike. Paris, France. 2023.

In the photographic series "Femmes à vélo" ("Women on bikes"), comprising over twenty images captured throughout Paris in 2023, my objective is to encapsulate the burgeoning urban revolution centered around cycling in the city. These photographs capture candid moments of women on bicycles, reflecting the vibrant pulse of Parisian life in the same spirit as street photography. As a devoted cyclist who resides in and cherishes the essence of Paris, I am immensely gratified to present a project that celebrates the seamless integration of cycling within my beloved city.

The natural and spontaneous snapshots within this series mirror the authentic joy of encountering fellow cyclists navigating the streets of Paris, a place I both call home and hold dear. Among the women cyclists are icons like Apollonia Poilâne, symbolizing women's cycling worldwide, as well as young stars in the French cycling universe like Trek and Café du Cycliste ambassador Angèle Paty.

Collaborating with project leader Eva Cordioli, whose insightful interviews complement the visual narrative, this project is supported by the Ville de Paris, the Mairie of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, and the Soroptimist association.

Yifan and her Decathlon bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Florence and her Gaya bicycle. Paris, France. 2023.
Laurianne and her Brompton bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Apollonia and her Explorateur bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Anaïs and her Wilier bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Sybille and her Cyfac bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Cloé and her Specialized bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Eva and her Cannondale bike. Paris, France. 2023.
Angèle and her Trek bike. Paris, France. 2023.